Hurricane Isaias decreased in intensity, moving towards the Florida Coast

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Hurricane Isaias decreased in intensity with the max winds now at 80 mph.

There is dry air filtering in towards the southeast side of the system giving Isaias a lopsided appearance. Some westerly wind shear will likely keep Isaias from intensifying rapidly. The storm is likely to approach South Florida as a hurricane early Sunday morning.

The most recent update from the National Hurricane Center had Isaias slow down in forward movement. The more it slows down the higher the opportunity for Isaias to veer further westward.

The forecast does include the possibility of a landfall Sunday morning, but this is uncertain. Most models have recently come into agreeance that it will hug the coast moving north through Sunday and Monday.

The hurricane’s forward speed will pick up late Monday as the storm turns northerly then northeasterly. Impacts from Isaias may be felt from the Carolinas north into New England.

There will be no impact to the Gulf Coast.