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Consumer Behavior Strongly Favors The Brands That Are Known Before They’re Needed.

According to a 2008 study radio reached 93% of ALL consumers each week! and being known before you are needed is one of the most powerful advantages that a business can own.  For the average consumer category, 8 in 10 consumers turn to a brand or brands that they already knowwhenever need occurs.  If you are one of these top-of-mind brands, odds are good that your business is healthy – even in tough economic times.

If it is not top of mind, your business is ‘waiting to be found’.  For most categories, the odds of your business being chosen by a consumer who is searching in directories or online is a fraction of 1%

Four decades of academic research show that firms who increase marketing during recessions grow 2.5 times more than the firms that do not.

This happens because two things occur in downturns that don’t occur in strong business cycles: 1) Competitors’ marketing efforts decrease significantly.  2) Customers seek bargains and are more willing to change brands.  Together, these two forces create a unique opportunity for significant growth.

If you are not taking advantage of these forces, you may be suffering avoidable losses because of them.

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